Bulk-Rare Ante Magic

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Bulk-Rare Ante Magic

Postby Doktor_Sleepless » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:27 pm

Obviously there will never be a sanctioned magic event with ante cards, due to something with gambling and legal entanglements I guess. But that can't stop me from suggesting something like the following as a casual local magic format:

Bulk-Rare Ante Magic
(1st draft of rules)
- Vintage Banned/Restricted List
- Standard 60-card deck construction rules
- Each Ante card is Restricted. This list should, I believe, be the following:
Amulet of Quoz
Bronze Tablet (EDIT: BANNED)
Contract From Below
Demonic Attorney
Jeweled Bird
Tempest Efreet
- Players would maintain a deck of cards for use as ante separate from the deck they play. Any Ante Card referencing adding cards from their deck to the ante would use cards from this separate deck, and players may add additional cards to their ante deck at any time (equivalent to buying in at a poker game, in a sense). The ante decks must be composed entirely of Bulk Rares, or any other rares of the deck constructor's choice. Uncommons and Commons would be strictly forbidden, unless agreed upon in advance by both parties playing.
- Both players ante 1 card from their ante deck at the beginning of each duel.
- The pot is assigned to a player at the end of 3 duels. It continues to grow until then, with the addition of 1 card ante at the beginning of each duel, in addition to any effects which add cards to the ante.
- Individual card rulings:
- Amulet of Quoz adds the top card of the player's ante deck to the ante pile. If a coin flip occurs, the player controlling the Amulet of Quoz calls the flip BEFORE the coin is flipped.
- Contract from below causes you to do the following: Discard your hand. Place the top card of your ante deck into the ante. Draw 7 cards from your non-ante deck.
- Darkpact puts the targeted card from the ante pile into your ante deck graveyard. You put the top card of your ante deck into the ante pile. Ante decks, like regular decks, must have their graveyard shuffled into them between games.
- Demonic Attorney puts 1 card from each player's ante deck into the ante pile.
- Jeweled Bird does go into the ante pile. The cards it replaces go into your ante deck graveyard. Jeweled Bird remains in the ante pile for the duration of the match unless an effect moves it somewhere else; therefore, unless the player who played Jeweled Bird has another one to put into their deck while shuffling up for subsequent games, they will lose those games due to having an illegal deck. (which I recognize makes jeweled bird insane out of the sideboard)
- Rebirth allows each player to put the top card of their ante deck into the ante pile; if they do, their life total becomes 20.
- Tempest Efreet shouldn't require much explanation. It works how it says on the oracle text. cards are exchanged, but the change in ownership is NOT permanent. Hence, this is still a really, really terrible card that no one is likely to play unless they want to try and exchange their triple red 3/3 for maybe an Ancestral Recall or Jace, the Mind Sculptor they think their opponent has, in hand, that turn. Even then, when the game ends cards are exchanged to shuffle up for the next game.

I think that about covers it. Play what amounts to Vintage duels with a few added cards (how sick does Contract From Below seem as a 1-of?) and battle over piles of bulk rares, which are basically dimes. Anyone want to give it a try sometime?
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