The battle royale match is fortnite items

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The battle royale match is fortnite items

Postby yuandanzou » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:43 am

The obvious conclusion is that the battle royale match is fortnite items preparing to alter the map . Following a long tease of a meteor in the sky, it hit land and created a new

area as well as a few hidden secrets. This countdown may indicate the identical thing: after the timer hits zero, the missile starts and impacts some area of the map, which makes it altered and ushering in Season 5.

Then you will find wilder theories. A user on Reddit (through PCGamer) suggests that the whole event is tied into the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere and Inca traditions. According to the theory, the countdown timer seems to be leading to Inti Raymi, an Incan religious celebration that included sacrifices to the sun god.

Those sacrifices were frequently llamas, a de facto mascot in buy fortnite materials.

It would not be the first time Epic pulled a curveball, provided the neighborhood appeared certain that the meteor would hit Tilted Towers. Epic confessed the spin and had some fun with the neighborhood over it.

Finally, the meteor hit the Dusty Depot to create the new Dusty Divot.
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