We're enthused about the buy poe currency

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We're enthused about the buy poe currency

Postby yuandanzou » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:55 am

The Way the box could be handed out to Path of exile currency gamers was unique and how it was executed in WftA is something Which Will be included in further mystery boxes going forward:

After much debate, an idea emerged to create it so you could combine fire and ice microtransactions into the carve microtransactions. This served the dual-purpose of becoming equally thematically-appropriate and also an interesting and surprising way to soak up duplicates in the box.

We're enthused about the buy poe currency idea and thought it's best to keep it a secret at the first launch of the box. We believed that the box represented excellent value even without saying that the separation microtransactions and that attempting to convey it may confuse the statement.

We were pleased to leave it as a wonderful surprise for gamers who'd discover that there was added value beyond that which they originally open from the boxes. We were also curious to see what the reception into the combining technology could be, without us having hyped it up with advertising.How to Be a Star in Mafia Wars
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