Scg invitational lists

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Scg invitational lists

Postby oinksterthepig » Sat Aug 29, 2015 6:15 am


[deck]4 islands
2 plains
1 mountain
4 flooded strand
2 arid mesa
2 scalding tarn
3 tundra
2 volcanic island
1 karakas

3 snapcaster mage

4 sensei's divining top
4 brainstorm
4 swords to plowshares
4 counterbalance
3 jace, the mindsculptor
3 terminus
2 pyroblast
2 entreat the angels
1 counterspell
1 supreme verdict
1 council's judgement

2 red elemental blast
2 blood moon
2 stoneforge mystic
1 pyroclasm
1 engineered explosives
1 batterskull
1 flusterstorm
2 vendilion clique
1 surgical extraction
1 wear//tear
1 pithing needle[/deck]

Esper Dragons

[deck]4 polluted delta
4 dismal backwater
4 temple of deceit
4 temple of enlightenment
3 island
2 swamp
1 urborg, tomb of yawgmoth
2 haven of the spirit dragon
2 caves of koilos
1 opulent palace

4 dragonlord ojutai
1 silumgar the drifting death

4 silumgar's scorn
4 dig through time
3 thoughtseize
3 dissolve
3 bile blight
3 foul-tongue invocation
1 ultimate price
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
1 dragonlord's preogative
1 languish
1 crux of fate
3 hero's downfall

2 drown in sorrow
3 jace, vryn's prodigy
1 silence the believers
1 ugin, the spirit dragon
1 orbs of warding
1 ultimate price
1 treasure cruise
1 dragonlord silumgar
1 thoughtseize
1 foul-tongue invocation
1 virulent plague
1 tasigur, the golden fang[/deck]

esper death blade 0 - 2
legendary miracles 2 - 0
death and taxes 2 - 0
grixis delver 0 - 2

bant heroic 2 - 0
abzan aggro 2 - 0
abzan aggro 2 - 0
GR devotion 2 - 1
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Re: Scg invitational lists

Postby oinksterthepig » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:22 pm

Ended up 23rd. drew in the final round, but the math worked out exactly as anticipated. if i had won i woulda got 17th. a loss would have been a disaster.

omni 0 - 2
agent bug 2 - 0
omni 2 - 0
grixis delver 2 - 0

esper dragons 0 - 2
mardu dragons 2 - 1
naya beatdown 2 - 1
??? intentional draw
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Re: Scg invitational lists

Postby oinksterthepig » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:46 pm

Deck selection

Why esper dragons in std? Easy, just like dre it's like everyone forgot about Ojutai. Blue control is not on the radar and thus people are filling their maindecks with junk like ultimate price and dromoka's command and wild slash. It's time to put that trash away and crush them with insanely efficient counters, removal, and card draw. Also our win conditions are very powerful and put the game away very quickly. Don;t have an answer for this Ojutai? GG! Ashiok always underperforms when i play him, but overperforms when i play against him so perhaps i should reconsider. Drifting death is the best against abzan variants and if those are expected cut the fourth Ojutai for the second drifting death. Basically i looked at the stock lists and no one was maindecking thoughtseize and decided to move in to exploit the meta game. (the fact that foul-tongue is absurdly well positioned with the exception of this hangarback card didn;t hurt matters)

even tho i never played against mono red i felt very prepared with the fourth foul tongue, two drowns, and the SB bomb orbs of warding in SB. Don;t get caught with your pants down. don't say to yourself "i hope i dodge mono red today" and end up in the 0 - 2 bracket cuz your opponent refused to target themselves with their own burn cards. DON'T BE THAT GUY! Be prepared have a plan and respect red spells.

The second Ugin is to board in against "control" decks without counters (abzan or rakdos/mardu dragons) or decks with weird permanents like constellation. Resolved Ugin has come through ten times out of ten for me with game wins.

I've been asked why the one languish one crux maindeck split. A couple of reasons
1) to get people: if they play around one and you have the other it's quite the blow out
2) five mana wrath kinda sucks. I mean what is it good against? not mono red that's too slow. not abzan aggro, they can monsterous their fleecemane in time and all their guys are so powerful one kill you plenty fast. Not abzan control they'll jsut drop an elsepeth when u tap out.
3) languish into Ojutai is a powerful curve
4) languish kills monsterous fleecemane (fleecemane is just so much better than anything else on two mana)
5) can;t run two languish due to Ojutai nombo
6) mostly the threat of the wrath is what it's for. to get people to slow play their guys for fear of a blow out wrath which gives you time to play.

Why miracles in legacy? Easy it's the deck I have the most exp with and one of the top decks. In legacy aggro = delver variants, control = miracles, and combo = omni. This is simplistic, but it is what i expected. So I added the pyroclasm to the SB to fight delver/pyromancer/deathrite and added a fourth red blast to fight omni and the mirror. If you look over the matchups i faced moni twice and delver twice and the mirror once. Only going 1 - 1 against delver and omni was frustrating when i felt very prepared, but such is magic. I did beat legendary miracles which confused my opponent since he and i both operated under the assumption that the reason to play it was to beat other miracle decks. Def the best match of the tourney for me.
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