spiraling out of control

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spiraling out of control

Postby oinksterthepig » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:29 pm

Spiraling out of control
This tourney report is like my game turns. Long and ridiculous!
So around 2pm Paul luthy contacts me and the following convo ensues
Paul: Yo dawg can I axe you fo some jaces tonite
Me: I got you playa.
Paul: How bout some goyfs?
Me: You want goyfs? Fuck ya! We got all this shit right here!
Paul: I need some wastes too. . . You got all this shit?
I mighta replied like this look at my shit (nsfw!)

With that outta the way I showed up with goods at wonkos win a goyf still unsure of what to play. I wanted to appease Paul by mixing it up and prove to myself I had more range as a player. I was thumbing my elves deck as it is fun to play, but then I thought this we need to go deeper

4 brainstorm
4 force of will
4 ponder
4 high tide
4 time spiral
3 cunning wish
1 spell pierce
4 merchant scroll
4 candalabra of tawnos (bling bling)
3 pre ordain
1 sensei’s top (to beat hand rape, so good!)
1 turnabout
1 wipe away
1 snap (oh snap!)
1 intuition
2 flusterstorm
12 islands
3 polluted delta
3 misty rainforest
1 flusterstorm
1 pact of negation
1 snap
1 wipe away
1 rebuild
3 defense grid (shoulda been white leylines maybe?)
2 meditate
1 grafdigger’s cage
1 surgical extraction
1 turnabout
1 blue sun’s zenith
1 brainfreeze

Round one BATTLE!
Aaron on nic fit valakut
This match up is pretty bad for him as you don’t want to use veteran explorer to give the high tide player more islands. He does win the die roll and turn three b wish into turn four slaughter games my high tides. So much for my turn four win! It’s ok tho, I HAVE A PLAN. I cunning wish for turnabout and either draw or cantrip into the other one. Meanwhile he’s beating down with mon’s goblin raiders (veteran explorer) and a wood elf (neither of us could think of a vanilla 1/1 for 3 mana). Eventually he forces my hand by zenithing for a huntmaster.

Have 6 lands in play cast two turnabouts floating 4 blue and spiral it up. Draw seven including one turnabout, then cantrip into the other one. I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER! Aaron must have eaten too much ice cream after this cuz he came down with a fatal case of BRAINFREEZE.

Game 2 Fight!
SB out 1 high tide (in case they get cranialed/surgicaled GRR!) 1 snap (what do his creatures even do?) maybe side out one candle (does nothing by itself/sucks if high tide is exiled) and one pre ordain (worst cantrip)
In 1 blue sun (in case wish is cranialed) 1 meditate (extra card draw to fight hand rape) 1 flusterstorm(to stop burning wish/hand attack spells/GSZ) uh something like this maybe? This deck can’t SB much without trashing it’s own combo.

Aaron mulls but has a strong start of 2x therapy + thoughtseize in the first three turns and gets an e witness on turn 4 recurring thoughtseize, but he declines to sac it to flashback therapy. Well fine then High tide + spiral on my turn four. Some 12 or so minutes of math/masturbation later he says he is willing to concede if I show him the brainfreeze which I do.

Round 2 Erica with mono red burn

Game one she wins the die roll and starts off strong with goblin guide or some such. It helps my draw two extra cards with is nice because I have to force her MAINDECK PYROSTATIC PILLAR! (ugh). Anyways after some careful counting I construct this sweet turn 4 sequence.
Have 4 islands
Cast merchant scroll for high tide.
Cast high tide
Use last island to cast snap on goblin guide untapping two islands.
Use two islands to generate 4 mana and cast candelabra, using it to untap 3 lands.
Tap three lands for 6 mana and cast timespiral.
It takes a while later after that because I am at 5 life and cannot win via brainfreeze as she could potentially just bolt me to death during her upkeep. The most annoying thing was that during my combo turn some guy (who claimed to be a judge!?) came up and started talking to Erica and then commenting on my deck and asking questions. I told him now was not the time to talk so he just started leaning over and reading all my cards as I played them. Then while I was doing math he said a few random numbers as “a joke” DUDE WTF!? In addition to antagonizing me all this does is delay the turn even more as I have to recount.

I ask Erica if she likes to draw cards and then let her draw 60 or so of them. She seems confused until she remembers if at any point you have to draw and have no library you lose on the spot (barring that lab maniac guy).

Game two Sb out one high tide for an additional flusterstorm is all I think.

She is on the play and has a strong start with goblin guide. I turn two scroll for high tide despite having one in hand, and plan to turn three cunning wish for a meditate or some such. The wish is red blasted, but my hand can make UNLIMITED mana at this point so I’m drawing very live. Of course I draw the flusterstorm and embarrassingly die to creatures (guide + hellspark) while holding a hand full of conditional counters. C’est la vie

Game three

I keep a hand that handily wins on turn 4, but has no interaction as I am on the play this seems fine. Erica very confidently keeps her 7 uh oh. . . Yeah she’s got the turn two pyrostatic pillar which time walks me into cunning wishing into wipe away. Sadly her hand is BURNING UP and her turn 4 sequence is attack with guide, flame rift, flame rift, fireblast. Le roi es mort. :-/

Erica seems delighted to have defeated me so I’m glad I could make her day even tho she did refer to me as “unmanly” during our match. I’ve been called a lot of unflattering things by a lot of ladies, but “unmanly” is a first.

Round 3 Fight!

Alex on Pox (worst match up ever?)
They have hymn, the borderline unbeatable lily, duress effects up the wazoo, and the beauty of high tides mana is it’s invulnerability to disruption because most decks can’t interact with basic lands. OH WAIT POX CAN! I was quite despondent. I played this match a few times against Matt “DC” Tedrow and it is rough stuff. Like prison yard rough.
Game one

he wins the die roll (so yeah I lost all my die rolls in the swiss) and goes turn two hymn which I allow to resolve despite having force and simply hope it misses my lands. It doesn’t. I force his lily (must counter), but he has another one. Lily ticks up while I am stuck on two lands. Not close game is not close.
SB out one high tide one snap in one flusterstorm one meditate. Something like that.

Game two

I opt to be on the draw as his clock is very slow and the extra card seems fine. The game starts the same as he skull fucks me into oblivion with inquisition, hymn, small pox. That’s ok I’ve been using top to make my land drops and hide the goodies. At end of his turn 4 I top into some trash and bust a fetch looking for more value “TIME TO HEATUP!”
And heat up I did boyo! High tide into spiral . . . Hey Alex wanna draw some cards? Naw I’m a black mage we don’t go for that sort of nonsense! Well here’s what it’s like to be on the side of the righteous. Draw 60!
During the match keith walked by as we were shuffling

Keith: What game y’all starting up?
Me: Game 3
Keith: Woodrow, how are you still in this?

Game three

He opts to be on the play and has a strong turn 3 of lily *forced* turn 4 lily *forced* so both of us are running well here. He doesn’t do much for a while so I get to set up. Once he get an actual clock of factory + nether spirit it’s time to go for it. I think manually cast spiral on six lands. After my draw seven I cast high tide then merchant scroll. In resp to scroll Alex surgicals my tides, but IT DON’T MATTER TO JESUS! I cast a zillion spells and freeze him out.
Cut to top 4.

I make it in and am paired against Andrew webb and his junk depths list. This is prolly an EVEN WORSE match up than pox. Andrew has a real clock and is on the play by virtue of seed. He can trash my combo with hymn/seize/lily AND just make a 20/20 out of nowhere and get me before I draw out of it.

Game one FIGHT!

I keep my seven (I keep almost any hand with this deck as all the cards do the same thing and mulliganing against hymn deck is the worst) and so does he. He turn two hymns whichi allow to resolve despite having force (very seldom is it worth it to force a hymn against this deck I want to force lily and his own combo pieces). Sadly his hymn rips ALL my protection binning force and wipe away. I play my hand protection artifact in the form of top. A turn or two later Andrew makes a 20/20 at my EOT. Sadlyfor him I’ve been floating a snap on top of my deck and send Marit Liege back to the depths from which she came. OH SNAP! ALL THE BLOWOUTS!
On my turn I tide into spiral and draw 7 spells. I reveal my hand to Andrew which has the equivalent of multiple black loti and demonic tutor effects and ask for a concession. He looks it over and agrees to move on.

Game two

I am on the draw and keep seven with one land and a ponder. This is fine I’ve been doing it all night. I have two draw steps to find another land or another cantrip not including the ponder in my hand. Of course Andrew opens on seize strips the ponder and I brick out. I force his first vampire hexmage, but the second resolves. I draw a second land and scroll for a b storm (or was it meditate) to try and draw out of it. Doesn’t matter crop rotate for dark depths EOT use hexmage attack with 20/20. I didn’t have a flusterstorm anyways so I couldn’t really have done anything about it. KO

Game three

I opt to be on the play since he presents a real clock. This game was prolly the longest of the tourney he combo’d so I had to wish for snap to get rid of it. And later he hymned me when I was on two cards so I wished for pact of negation to protect my last card (another wish). Eventually I scroll for intuition and EOT intuition for three spirals. I cast spiral while I have 8 or 9 lands, but Andrew used his Vegas “cooler shuffle” on my deck and I drew nothing but lands candles (which were needled) flusterstorms and high tides. UGH! Andrew made a mistake on one of his turns by attacking with knight instead of holding it back to representing the combo so I got another turn. Also thanks to spiral his knight was now a 2/2 instead of a 10/10.

Andrew duresses me on his turn and sees my joke of a hand and passes back. I top deck merchant scroll and think about my options. Scroll into intuition into spiral is out as I only have 10 lands. (ONLY?) Since my hand is all blanks I decide to scroll for b storm. The best card in legacy comes thru like always and I timespiral into some other spells and freeze him to death. This was the longest game and I am quite sure Andrew made two Marit lieges over the course of it.


Surprising no one Aaron’s nic fit deck featuring standard hits such as thragtusk and huntmaster prevailed over the burn deck with pyro pillar.

I’m on the play and take my first mulligan of the tourney after opening on no lands. This game things just didn’t work out. He wished for slaughter games and exiled my time spirals. While looking thru my deck he seemed quite thoughtful. Also in this match and the other I thought he shuffled a bit excessively. He pulled out the cards shuffled several times thought to himself looked thru my deck then shuffled several more times. I am fine with getting information and being thorough, but he shuffled a lot even on fetches and stuff. I told him I was also going to shuffle the decks and I am under the impression that three riffles is sufficient randomization for presenting. He replied it was revenge for my 20 minute turns. Not sure it works like that but whatever it is late and we are tired/cranky.

After he stripped my spirals he e witnesses back games and strips my wishes prompting a concession.

Game two

In come zenith, meditate, flusterstorm, out go high tide, pre ordain, snap? Something like that.

He starts with carpet of flowers for accel and successfully wishes for the games to begin. My spirals leave the deck, but I have a plan. Once again I wish for turnabout while he is attacking me with some tusks. He attacks me to one and at his EOT I high tide draw the zenith I’ve been floating with top turn about my lands floating 4 blue and zenith myself for 11. Well I have a 15 card hand and 6 lands in play on my turn even without spiral it is hard to fizzle here. In fact I successful drew my entire deck this turn.

Then Aaron drew his +1.

Game three as we present I offer my hand and wish him the best as these games have been tense!

He’s on the play and tanks about his keep until Alex asks him to decide. He keeps and so do I. His turn one therapy whiffs, his wish is flusterstormed and his witness is forced. Since he has no pressure at the end of his turn 4 I meditate and give him an extra turn. He uses it to wish for the games, but he cannot cast it that turn. Well once it is my turn again double tide into candle into spiral seals the deal. The way he tapped his mana had me convinced he had a red blast so I played my spells in a mana inefficient way that allowed me to defeat it (he didn’t have anyways tho). I draw 23 cards with zenith and wash him away in a wave of blue spells. He once again offers to concede to me showing him the freeze.

I had the freeze kill locked up a bit earlier in my combo sequence, but I was worried he could have an emrakul/gaea’s blessing effect in his deck. A lot of the games my opponents were prolly rolling their eyes at my perceived showboating, but I had to play around random cards like mindbreak trap and blessing. So making sure they were 100% dead took a bit of extra time.

During the tourney I won twice thru having my high tides exiled, once with spiral gone, and defeated multiple hymns (three in one game!). Despite this I don’t think the deck is for real. I won a match 2 – 0 and was still the one of the last matches. When you’re going off you have to play around EVERYTHING games two and three. Even cards not in their hand like blessing/emrakul matter. That being said I told Paul Luthy that if didn’t think this deck was sweet he could GTFO, and Andrew agreed this was one of the most fun things to be doing in magic. So I got to play a sweet deck in a hateful meta and still get there. Having cake and eating it too!
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Re: spiraling out of control

Postby eldashgato » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:28 pm

Thanks for the write up, even though I have an irrational hatred for High Tide decks.
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