oinkster's "budget" legacy suggestion

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oinkster's "budget" legacy suggestion

Postby oinksterthepig » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:38 am

Several people recently have asked what i think the best "budget" deck is for legacy. After some consideration this is what i recommend.

UR delver Burn
This deck will require some amount of duals, forces, and fetches without breaking the bank (by legacy standards) also these cards will not be local to this deck for legacy (and a bit of modern) purposes.

Why this deck? the cards are good elsewhere unlike dredge or oops all spells or some other linear piece of trash. Also by virtue of being "less" linear this deck will not get boring to play nearly as quickly as some of the one trick pony budget options. Best of all people will actually want to play with you. If u just have belcher built then you'll never actually get to play casual games. *cough greenberg cough*

The list should have
goblin guide
2 grim lavamancer
spell pierce/spell snare (up to the player)
2 price of progress (very well positioned right now)
2 - 3 snapcaster mage
0 - 2 fireblast (less sure on this one)
2 other 'bolts" chained lightning and forked bolts being the best choices.
g probe maybe?
19 - 20 lands including 3 volcanic islands and 4 scalding tarns with some other fetches thrown in.

This deck is a burn deck with interaction and choices. You play ur one drops to put on some pressure and close the game out with a flurry of burn. Snapcaster mage provides excellent utility here. Meanwhile the typical disruption suite keeps your opponent from doing anything too annoying and your own card selection keeps the burn flowing. This deck has a lot of play to it and is comparatively quite affordable. All the cards are useful elsewhere and the deck will allow you to practice a lot of skills needed for the format.

The sideboard should have artifact hate, gy hate, red blast, sulfur elemental, another price (some decks just CANNOT beat that card), some way to fight big green guys (threads of disloyalty/submerge/mindharness/dismember/gilded drake/u get the idea), and a storm hate card (mindbreak trap/flusterstorm are the first two to come to mind).

If you wish to spice up the list true name nemesis and vendilion clique could easily fight in the 75 somewhere and those would be the first upgrades i looked to make. I don't think young pyromancer belongs here as this deck is not trying to hard to create board presence it just wants to poke them low then scorch them out, but i could easily be wrong on that.

The other legit budget option is death and taxes i suppose. Too bad it is boring and people who play it are squares! Hope this was helpful.
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