Planeswalkers are really good right now

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Planeswalkers are really good right now

Postby oinksterthepig » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:47 pm

Hey guys i played UR control in the store challenge tournament. Which was for the lowest of stakes (pride) and the highest of stakes (pride). My list is pretty stock with some extra hate for aggro. The real innovation is that planeswalkers are very well situated right now. They are bad against mono red but great everywhere else. Other than cast out or hour of devastation (which is super hard to leverage in control mirrors) nothing directly answers these sweet super friends.

[deck]4 aether hub
4 wandering fumarole
4 spirebluff canal
8 island
5 mountain
3 torrential gearhulk
1 jace, unraveler of secrets
1 chandra flamecaller
4 dissolve
4 censor
1 negate
1 essence scatter
4 glimmer of genius
3 hieroglyphic illumination
4 magma spray
3 harnessed lightning
3 abrade
1 hour of devastation
2 sweltering suns

2 thing in the ice
2 dragonmaster outcast
2 glorybringer
1 kefnet the mindful
1 the locust god
1 sweltering suns
2 chandra's defeat
2 negate
1 essence scatter
1 hour of devastation[/deck]

The SB gods were kinda Meh. The glorybringers did their jobs being removal and killing walkers. The cheap creatures were likewise great as were the cheap counters. The maindeck walkers largely overperformed. giving me a huge trump in the control mirror and no one expects this deck to do something proactive on turn 5 so jace kinda wrecks that math. Chandra was like a second sweeper that could also kill your opponent, and untapping with jace = winning the game.

The tourney was only three rounds so of course i never played against mono red or zombies. Take that me!

Round 1: UW tempo

Game 1: He resolves a gideon and i have hour to kill gideon + 3 other creatures. Doesn't matter he has a second gideon and i die horribly to the 20 power four drop. Gideon is kind of why i quit playing standard. I've lost to 11 year old kids playing that card. My plan to "beat" gideon was not to play until that card left the format. C'est la vie.

Game 2: I mulligan and as a result i never have any resources to answer his one drop thraben inspector. It's hilarious thraben inspector literally goes ALL THE WAY! i counter or kill everything else including two gideons. I killed the second gideon with a glory bringer and it's possible i should have exerted to kill the inspector. . . What a goofy game. Also one of my spells got punked by overwhelming denial for extra rub ins.

Round 2: UR control

Game 1: I lose the die roll and make all my land drops while my opponent does not. This is step one to victory in game one of the mirror where very few cards matter and u want all your mana to fight. My plan is to get in a fight and tap my opponent low on their turn so i can slam a walker. Of course both my walkers are in the bottom 15 cards of my library. Anyway it all works out eventually. I resolve jace tick it up to ultimate and then resolve chandra and attack with elementals. Winning with 3 cards left in library just like garfield intended.

Game 2: I miss some land drops but that is much less important in SB games and i play out some cheap creatures. We both flip our thing in the ice and have a standoff. I have a dragonmaster ourcast however and he lives long enough to summon a friend. The dragon flies over four times while the ground creatures just stand around not doing much.

Round 3: BG Snek

Game 1: I win the die roll and kill two snakes in a row. On my opponents turn four they resolve a 3 mana nissa and make a plant with no other board. I slam Jace on turn five and bounce the plant to avoid a green gear hulk growing it up and punking out my Jace. Yup untap with Jace = winning. I kind of run away with the game after that with my personal howling mine.

Game 2: He resolves an ob nix on his turn five with an otherwise empty board. I Glimmer to keep up on cards during his EOT and slam a glorybringer on my turn 5 to munch on his evil planeswalker. He plays out two dudes on his turn 6, but has no blockers or removal for my dragon. The dragon eats ob nix and chandra clears out his pesky ground creatures. I'm way ahead at this point and the game ends in short order. He plays a lifecrafters bestiary but it is too late to matter. He did have a plan tho.

Anyways the pojnt is i'm not convinced control is actually jsut dead. I tested versus mono red and the die roll mattered most of all as did what specific build they were on. The closer to paulo's build the better for you. His build has less burn and more lands. That's the direction that is correct for the mirror and against zombies. Eh this format is actually irrelevant so let's see what the next set holds.
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Re: Planeswalkers are really good right now

Postby RobbyWic » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:40 am

It sounds like they're pretty powerful alright oinkster. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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