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ATX MTG Pauper League #2

Postby make decks not war » Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:37 pm

The ATX Pauper League #2 (APL #2) is a commons-only tournament series designed to promote interest in the Pauper format. It is modeled on the Vintage Super League and the ATX Vintage League put together by Tim Graham and publicized by Matt Tedrow. Many thanks to Matt Tedrow for giving us space on ATXMTG for this endeavor!

Tournament Overview

The APL #2 is a nine-week round robin tournament divided into three trimesters, meaning each participant will play every other participant once. Only one match will take place each week to allow players time to playtest, write match reports, etc. Players must maintain the same deck from week to week during each of the three trimesters. At the start of the second and third trimesters, participants will have the opportunity to alter their decks or switch decks entirely.

At the end of the nine weeks, the four players with the best records will battle it out in the playoffs. The 3rd and 4th seed will face off in the quarterfinals. The winner of that round will play the 2nd seed in the semifinals and the winner of that round will face the 1st seed in the finals. Playoff rounds will be best of five three-game matches. Players will be required to use three different decks in the first three matches of a playoff round, and then may switch decks for matches 4 and 5 if necessary.

Each week will begin on the following Fridays:

October 2nd (Entry Fee and First Trimester decklist due)

First Trimester

October 9th
October 16th
October 23rd (Second Trimester decklists due)

Second Trimester

October 30th
November 6th
November 13th (Third Trimester decklists due)

Third Trimester

November 20th
November 27th
December 3rd


December 10th+

Banned List

Only cards that have been printed as common on Magic Online or in paper will be legal with the exception of Cloudpost, Cranial Plating, Empty the Warrens, Frantic Search, Grapeshot, Hymn to Tourach, Invigorate, Treasure Cruise, and Temporal Fissure, which are banned. This is the same banned list used by Pat’s Games for their Pauper FNM tournaments.

Entry Fee and Prizes

The entry fee for the APL #2 is $6 cash. The entry fees will be used to buy pimped-out pauper staples from Pat’s Games as prizes for the top four players as well as a prize for the best brew and a raffle prize for the five remaining players.

Brewing Prize

At the end of each trimester, players will vote for the deck that they think is the most creative other than their own. Then, at the end of the league, players will vote for the most creative deck out of the winners from the three trimesters. The creator of the best brew will receive a playset of Masques Brainstorms altered by Mike.

Submitting and Sharing Decklists

A week before each trimester begins, participants will submit their decklists via email to Saralyn McKinnon-Crowley, who is not taking part in the league, for archiving on She will then forward the decklists on to Mike and Aren once the trimester begins. This will insure that the organizers do not have an unfair advantage when it comes to deck selection. Saralyn’s email will be posted in the ATX Pauper League #2.

League Policies

The point of the Pauper League is to have fun. That being said, Mike and I are instituting some new rules this time around to insure that matches are played on time and decklists are available to everyone equally. If everyone is responsible, none of these policies will apply.

The entry fee ($6) and your trimester 1 decklists are due by October 2nd, 2015. Failure to submit either will result in expulsion from the league.

Trimester 2 decklists are due by October 23rd, 2015. Failure to submit your decklist by that time will result in ineligibility for the raffle prize.

Trimester 3 decklists are due by November 20th, 2015. Failure to submit your decklist by that time will result in ineligibility for the raffle prize.

Players should try to play their matches in the week that they are assigned. We understand that life happens, however, so we’re giving players a one-week grace period to complete open matches. Longer extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis for true emergencies. Failure to complete a match within two weeks without prior approval will result in both players receiving a loss.

Calendar and Pairings

We will track the results of the league on and use the challonge algorithm to determine tie breakers for seeding in the playoffs.

First Trimester

Week 1: October 9th – October 15th

Jake Manella vs James DeLeon

Nathan Reed vs Adrian Gwarzález

Ian Meredith vs Ian Files

Mike Petschek vs Dylan Stills

Aren Wilson-Wright vs Gordon Bolton

Week 2: October 16th – October 22nd

Ian Files vs Jake Manella

Dylan Stills vs Aren Wilson-Wright

Gordon Bolton vs James DeLeon

Mike Petscheck vs Nathan Reed

Adrian Gwarzález vs Ian Meredith

Week 3: October 23rd – October 29th (Second Trimester decklists due)

Jake Manella vs Gordon Bolton

Ian Meredith vs Mike Petschek

Ian Files vs Adrian Gwarzález

Aren Wilson-Wright vs Nathan Reed

James DeLeon vs Dylan Stills

Second Trimester

Week 4: October 30th – November 5th

Adrian Gwarzález vs Jake Manella

Nathan Reed vs James DeLeon

Dylan Stills vs Gordon Bolton

Aren Wilson-Wright vs Ian Meredith

Mike Petschek vs Ian Files

Week 5: November 6th – November 12th

Jake Manella vs Dylan Stills

Ian Files vs Aren Wilson-Wright

Adrian Gwarzález vs Mike Petschek

James DeLeon vs Ian Meredith

Gordon Bolton vs Nathan Reed

Week 6: November 13th – November 19th (Third Trimester decklists due)

Mike Petscheck vs Jake Manella

Ian Meredith vs Gordon Bolton

Nathan Reed vs Dylan Stills

James DeLeon vs Ian Files

Aren Wilson-Wright vs Adrian Gwarzález

Third Trimester

Week 7: November 20th –November 26th

Jake Manella vs Nathan Reed

Adrian Gwarzález vs Jame DeLeon

Mike Petschek vs Aren Wilson-Wright

Gordon Bolton vs Ian Files

Dylan Stills vs Ian Meredith

Week 8: November 27th – December 2nd

Aren Wilson-Wright vs Jake Manella

Ian Files vs Dylan Stills

Ian Meredith vs Nathan Reed

Gordon Bolton vs Adrian Gwarzález

James DeLeon vs Mike Petscheck

Week 9: December 3rd – December 9th

Jake Manella vs Ian Meredith

Mike Petschek vs Gordon Bolton

Aren Wilson-Wright vs James DeLeon

Dylan Stills vs Adrian Gwarzález

Nathan Reed vs Ian Files


Week 10+: December 10th - ???

4th Seed vs 3rd Seed

Winner vs 2nd Seed

Winner vs 1st Seed
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Re: ATX MTG Pauper League #2

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