ATXMTG Vintage League #2, Trimester 2 Pairings

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ATXMTG Vintage League #2, Trimester 2 Pairings

Postby EmersonESQ » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:41 am

Pairings are up!

Week 4

Robert Connolly Vs. Frank Sturgis (0-2)
Matt Hargis Vs. Scott Hatch* (2-0)
Mike Marrone Vs. Brain Tweedy (2-1)
Conner Folse Vs. Adam Redman (2-1)
Tim Graham Vs. Melissa Aybar (2-1)

Week 5

Robert Connolly Vs. Matt Hargis
Frank Sturgis Vs. Mike Marrone (2-0)
Scott Hatch Vs. Conner Folse (1-2)
Brain Tweedy Vs.Tim Graham*
Adam Redman Vs. Melissa Aybar

Week 6

Mike Marrone Vs. Robert Connolly
Conner Folse Vs. Matt Hargis
Tim Graham Vs. Frank Sturgis (2-0)
Melissa Aybar Vs. Scott Hatch*
Adam Redman Vs. Brain Tweedy

This Trimester's Feature Matches:

Week 4: Matt Hargis vs Scott Hatch
Week 5: Brian Tweedy vs Tim Graham
Week 6: Melissa Aybar vs Scott Hatch

Reminder: All Feature Matches require a writeup by one or both players.

Reminder: If your match is not a Feature Match, you still need to report it in this thread, or by messaging me or Tim.

Reminder: Writing a match report is fun.

Reminder: You are all slacking in your trash-talk videos.

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