ATXMTG Vintage League #2, Round 2 - The Marrone Report

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ATXMTG Vintage League #2, Round 2 - The Marrone Report

Postby EmersonESQ » Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:48 am

A game of Vintage took place last night. It left nobody happy. On the match slip, it will show me defeating my friend Connor 2-0. In our hearts, however, there were no real winners. Sadness blankets this day, and the entire tournament, as this was not a match won on skill alone. Instead, this was a match won through gruesome misplays on both player's parts. I was lucky enough to be the one who survived. But, in reality, Vintage is dead.

Without further ado, here is the Gettysburg Address translated from English, to Belarusian, to Arabic, to Korean, to Catalan, to Urdu, to French, back to English, to Japanese, and then back to English again. I hope Mr Lincoln's words can sum up that which I can not say myself.

Dedicated to our ancestors country vision of the continent of all people, four points are made in the same way, there is seven years.

If this country now, you are faced with a long and dedication to the country of the design is to test whether you're doing, I took part in a great civil war. We met in the main battlefield of the war. Our country, that it is possible to leave the yeogiseoyi people who gave their lives for the sake of the land devoted part of the death of the track. Usually, you, you will need to install and rights.

However, in the broadest sense, we can not do is - We can not consecrate - we can not celebrate - it has been based. Here, the brave men who fought, alive with the saint or loss that died is located on top of the now our poor people. We do not remember a specific note, I would not forget what never, why am here to tell the world. It's time to fight for me is to be able to spend spreading a life to be knighted we have unfinished work here. Because we were the last full measure of the grand dedication to take an increased devotion - under a new birth of freedom of Kunikami - - and people, for and by the people day he died he is a solution dead, Here you spend the people, it does not have disappeared from the earth.
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