ATX Vintage League Season 2 Overview

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ATX Vintage League Season 2 Overview

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[url][/url]ATXMTG Vintage League #1 Overview
This page is a living document, to be updated as we hammer out details and collect more info about decklists, pairings, and match results

This page has an easy-to-remember URL: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=320

This document outlines ATXMTG Vintage League #2 (AVL #2), a friendly competition among members of Austin's Vintage MTG community. The ATXMTG Vintage League is inspired by the success of our increasingly popular Eternal Struggle tournaments, as well as the Vintage Super League, an online competition featuring celebrity Magic players. AVL #2 was proposed as a fun way for members of Austin's Vintage scene to build and test decks while promoting more interest in the format.

Tournament Overview

AVL #2 is a 10-player tournament. Players were selected based on interest, availability, familiarity with the Vintage format, and willingness to experiment with the idea of a league competition.
The following players will compete in AVL #2:

Robert Connolly
Melissa Aybar
Tim Graham
Conner Folse
Mike Marrone
Matt Hargis
Frank Sturgis
Scott Hatch
Brian Tweedy
Adam Redman

This is a round robin tournament, meaning every participant will play against every other participant. Players will have one match per week, over a span of nine weeks. The purpose of this is to avoid scheduling issues, as well as allow players to build and test decks with others. 1 Day a week will be designated as the day to play your match. If you can't play your match that day they should notify Your opponent and Tim immediately to reschedule. If a match can't be played that week the person unavailable will conceded their match.

Each week will begin on the following Saturdays:

Week 1 - September 5
Week 2 - September 12
Week 3 - September 19
Week 4 - September 26
Week 5 - October 3
Week 6 - October 10
Week 7 - October 17
Week 8 - October 24
Week 9 - October 31

After the 9-week round robin concludes, the four players with the best records will play out semi-finals and finals, on a date agreeable to all players who make the top 4.

Matches in the top 4--semifinals and finals--will all be determined by the best 2 out of 3 matches, with each match determined by the best 2 out of 3 games. For all top 4 pairings, players will use a different deck in each of the first 2 matches, then they may choose whichever deck they like for match 3(if necessary). These are not necessarily the same decks that players used in Weeks 1 through 9; players may construct entirely new decks for the top 4 matches. All decklists must be submitted before the semifinals. When switching decks between games in top 4 matches, players will be separated from one another so that their opponents will not know which decks they choose.

For a better explanation, see this overview.

Entry Fee and Prizes

$6 as well each player will contribute two sealed, 15-card booster packs from a set of his or her choice.

After playing out the semifinals and finals to determine first through fourth place, prizes will be drafted from the pool of cards contained within the booster packs set aside as prizes.

Match of the Week
Tim will designate a feature match of the week and those players will be required to write a match report. Failure to make a match report before the end of the week or without immediately notifying Tim with a reason will result in a game loss in the next match.

Pairings and Reporting Results

Tim Graham will post pairings every week. After pairings are posted, players will contact their opponents to work out the details for setting dates, times, and places for matches. The winner of a match is determined by the best 2 out of 3 games. Matches will not be timed. Preferably groups of players will get together to play out matches, but we also recognize that some players lead busier lives than others and may have scheduling issues from week to week. As such, a match can occur anywhere, any time during the week. If two players find they have a scheduling conflict for a match in a given week, they should notify Tim immediately to reschedule.

In order to give players more planning time, Tim will announce all three pairings for each trimester at the beginning of Week 1, Week 4, and Week 7. Each week, match results must be submitted to Tim either via Facebook or in person. These results will be posted online.

Trimester 1 Pairings
Trimester 2 Pairings
Trimester 3 Pairings

Submitting and Sharing Decklists

Players are required to play the same deck from week to week for a period of three weeks. Every three weeks, a player may modify his deck or even decide to play an entirely different deck. Decklists must be submitted before a participant's match on weeks 1, 4, and 7. It would help Tim out if players decided to type up their lists and submit them via email or Facebook, rather than in person.

Decklists will be posted for everyone to see at the end of weeks 1, 4, and 7. These will be converted to links as Tim posts decklists every trimester.

First Trimester Decklists
Second Trimester Decklists
Third Trimester Decklists
Top 4 Decklists

These will be converted to links as Tim posts weekly match results.

Weekly Feature Match// Trimester records

Week 1 Feature Match
Week 2 Feature Match
Week 3 Feature Match
First Trimester Player Records
Week 4 Feature Match
Week 5 Feature Match
Week 6 Feature Match
Second Trimester Player Records
Week 7 Feature Match
Week 8 Feature Match
Week 9 Feature Match
Third Trimester Player Records
Final Standings
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