Mothership's Legacy Proxy Rules

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Mothership's Legacy Proxy Rules

Postby eldashgato » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:38 am

These are the proxy rules for Mothership's Legacy tourneys, as provided to me by the store's owner, Lauren. Please note that these are not the same rules we use in our Eternal Struggle Vintage tournaments.

Mothership's Legacy Proxy Rules

1. Players may have an unlimited number of proxies in their decks.

2. There is no charge for using proxies.

3. Valid proxies = B/W or color printed version of the card, land or token card with the details of the card written out, slip of paper with the name and details of the card written out and a token or tip card backing.

4. Alternatives to the above described proxies must be approved by the tournament organizer.

5. The tournaments are not DCI sanctioned.
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Re: Mothership's Legacy Proxy Rules

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