Webb's Trade list

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Webb's Trade list

Postby A_Webb » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:33 am

Going to try to keep a list of cards I am looking for and some highlights of cards I have in my trade binder here
[deck]3 dream halls
4 entomb
2 pact of negation
1 trickbind
3 leyline of sanctity
2 splinter twin
3 noble hierarch
2 misty rainforest
1 scalding tarn
1 arid mesa
1 Purphoros, God of the Forge
1 Temple of silence[/deck]

Have: (This is a partial list and I cant promise I will update too often)
[deck]1 dark confidant
3 grindstone
1 painter's servant
1 yawgmoth's will
1 arcbound ravager
2 thoughtseize
1 xenagos, the reveler
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
3 cursed scroll
1 vexing devil
1 Heliod, God of the Sun
3 dragonmaster outcast[/deck]
Sealed booster box of Innistrad
30 TCG MaxPoints

Interesting foils:
[deck]1 lightning helix
1 Adarkar Valkyrie
1 Angel's grace
1 chained to the rocks
1 deadbridge chant
1 deathcloud
1 tempting wurm
4 peer through depths
2 echoing truth
1 etched oracle
1 relic of progenitus[/deck]
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Re: Webb's Trade list

Postby eldashgato » Tue Oct 08, 2013 12:34 am

Still thinking on that Savannah for your box of Innistrad?

By the way, I've been really encouraging folks on this site to sign up with Deckbox.org - makes it so much easier to line up needs/wants with other users. I'm going to crank out a post about this once I build up some feedback and gain more experience with the site.
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Re: Webb's Trade list

Postby A_Webb » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:06 pm

I forgot about that conversation. I do not have many dual lands so every dual land sort of makes my need list. I would be happy to trade the box for savannah plus other cards so long as we can fill the void with something I need. If you do end up getting a bayou I would much rather work a deal for that than the savannah
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Re: Webb's Trade list

Postby MattH » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:58 am

I have a Leyline oS, Entomb (Graveborn), and a nonzero number of fetches. Interested in Confidant and/or INN box.
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Re: Webb's Trade list

Postby Doktor_Sleepless » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:18 pm

Hey, I'll try to catch you at legacy or FNM this week, but would you be interested in a straight-up trade of 1 Leyline of Sanctity for 1 Xenagos, the Reveler? It's a few dollars in my favor, but leyline is eternal and Xenagos is questionable past standard... I'm just trying to finish a 2nd standard deck so Rachel (my wife) and I can play standard.
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Re: Webb's Trade list

Postby A_Webb » Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:30 pm

I don't think I can do that. That would be giving 150% value on the leyline. Tcg puts leyline at 11.10 and Xenegos at 17.78. Would have to get it closer than that for me to want to do it.
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