Eternal Struggle 94/94 V-Day Playtest Tourney in Austin

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Eternal Struggle 94/94 V-Day Playtest Tourney in Austin

Postby eldashgato » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:59 am

By popular request, the Cabal has been asked to throw an old school tourney. Old cards are pretty sweet, so we said sure, why not? This Valentine's Day, get ready for...



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Entry fee is $10.00.

Registration is from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Tournament starts at 12:30 pm*

*This is important. We want to start on-time at 12:30pm. So please arrive early, fill out your decklists before 12:30 p.m. and be ready to go.


Wonko's Toys & Games
13776 N Hwy #116
Austin, TX 78750
(located next to O'Reilly Auto Parts)

Wonko's has plenty of free parking. If you need to purchase cards for this event, please do so before the event. We like to start on time.

Wonko's is not involved with running this event. Eternal Struggle tourneys are player-organized, unsanctioned meetups that make use of the store's free space on Sundays. Many of us will be playtesting for the Vintage side event at the upcoming GP Houston.


As always, we are allowing an UNLIMITED number of playtest cards (commonly referred to as 'proxies'). We will not charge people for use of these. Playtest events cannot be sanctioned, but this event will be run at Regular REL.

Decklists will be required! We will post the top decklists on and other websites. To save time, consider printing your decklist out the night before.

Please read our deck construction rules before sleeving up a deck!



The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players we get with a cut to top 4 (or 8 depending again on number of players). In top 4 or 8, highest seed will have the choice to play or draw.

0 - 8 players = 3 rounds, no cut
9 - 16 players = 4 rounds, cut to top 4
17 - 32 players = 5 rounds, cut to top 8
33 - 64 players = 6 rounds, cut to top 8
65 – 125 players = 7 rounds, cut to top 8


This event offers 100% full payout - the Cabal will use all the entry fees to purchase shares of Wonko's store credit. This store credit may be used to purchase any of the shop's card singles, supplies, sealed products, toys, games, or entry into any tournaments at the store.

To repeat, 100% of the entry fees collected will go to the prize pool! Prizes will be paid out to the top 4 or top 8 and the breakdown is as follows:

1st = 40% of the prize pool*
2nd = 25% of the prize pool*
3rd = 20% of the prize pool*
4th = 15% of the prize pool*

If and only if we cut to top 8:
5th - 8th = $10 each (entry prize back)

*If we cut to top 8, 5th - 8th will receive their entries back in store credit and the remaining credit in the prize pool with go to 1st - 4th at the percentages listed above.


We are very particular about the kinds of playtest cards (again, commonly known as 'proxies') that players may use in our tournaments. Please see the Eternal Struggle Playtest Card Rules for more information.

If you have questions about this event or whether certain playtest cards are acceptable, please ask either Matt Tedrow or Frank Sturgis in advance. Frank can be reached a: franksturgis AT gmail dot com. Tedrow can be reached at: tedrow.mtg AT gmail DOT com. Both can be reached on Facebook as well.

For the correct Oracle wording of a card, visit either of these sites:
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