Port both RuneScape and Osrs gold

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Port both RuneScape and Osrs gold

Postby yuandan » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:00 am

One year later revealing plans to port both RuneScape and Osrs gold to cellular and tablet, developer Jagex has announced that the original RuneScape's PC servers will be going offline permanently. To be clear, that's Runescape Classic -- the 2001 game -- so Old School Runescape servers stay unaffected.

For fans of the 17-year old browser-based MMORPG, this is akin to the end of an era; RuneScape was one of the leaders in the online fantasy niche, sitting amongst EverQuest and Asheron's Call; it frees players right to some medieval realm, make them transform into an avatar of their choice, and embark on a non-linear adventure full of questing, PvP battle, and of course, an enviable chatroom. But from August 6th at 3AM ET, Runescape Classic will evaporate into the electronic ether. Jagex explained that its resources simply aren't compatible with Classic any longer:

"It has been amazing to Cheap Runescape gold see such dedication amongst those of you who've maintained playing RuneScape Classic within the last few decades," Jagex's farewell post says,"But it is not all fun and games." Apparently, botting had become a serious issue and a growing record of game-breaking bugs were proving too hard to eradicate.
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