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To help insure that does not turn into a cesspool, we ask everyone to respect and follow basic rules related to forum etiquette and posting. These rules will change and evolve as the site grows in membership.

Posting in Threads

  • Before starting a new thread, make sure there is not already a similar thread covering that same topic. Only start a new thread if your topic is fresh and of interest to the ATXMTG community.
  • Likewise, before asking a question, make sure it hasn't been raised and addressed already. Use the search function before posting. There's always a chance that it has been answered.
  • Stay focused - jokes are fine, but let's keep the threads on topic.
  • We encourage individuals to use the Buy / Sell / Trade forum, but these forums are not intended for self- or store-promotion.
  • These are forums, not cell phones. Do not write in textspeak.
  • Do not upload or post links to illegal content. It will be removed. This includes warez, but also material such as "God Books."
  • Do not type in all caps.
  • Do not cross post the same thread in different forums. Post your message once, to the appropriate forum and nowhere else or it will be locked or deleted.
  • Use a title that describes the content of your post. Do not use all caps or special characters in titles to draw attention to specific threads. Titles may be edited to improve the forum experience.
  • Do not post simply to increase your post count.
  • Make sure you have some substance to your posts, especially if you're starting a new thread. For instance, if you post a decklist, talk about it - why you made certain card choices, what the point of the deck is, how it plays against other decks, etc. This helps get the conversational ball rolling.

Using Card/Deck Tags

This forum features bulletin board code tags that allow users to post card names and decklists as links with 'tooltips', which allow readers to hover over card names with a mouse cursor to see an image of that card. It goes without saying that many players who use these forums have memorized the Oracle text on hundreds if not thousands of cards throughout the history of the game. Newer players do not have this knowledge. As such:

  • When posting a decklist in a thread, do not use nicknames for cards, e.g., 'Bob' for Dark Confidant, 'Resto' for Restoration Angel, etc.
  • When posting a decklist in a thread, you MUST use deck tags. If you fail to do so, a moderator may either edit a decklist for you, or simply delete the post.
  • When referring to specific cards within a thread, please use the card tags. If a card has been mentioned and tagged repeatedly within a thread, you can relax.

Decklist tooltips

Using the card and deck tags is very simple. On most browsers, you can simply highlight the decklist or card name, click the card or deck button in the BBcodes menu above the text box, and you're good to go. Be sure to spell card names correctly, as well as preview your posts before submitting, to make sure your tooltips work correctly. I can't stress this enough: misspelled card names result in broken links.

For a decklist, simply write out the number of copies of each card in a list, then surround the list with the deck tags. For instance, the following code (*without* spaces in the deck tags)...

[deck ]
4 Dark Confidant
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Tarmogoyf
[ /deck]

... would display the following:

[deck]4 Dark Confidant
4 Bloodbraid Elf
4 Tarmogoyf[/deck]

When posting a decklist, the preferred order is: creatures, spells, then lands.

Card tooltips

The following code (again, *without* spaces in the card tags)...

[card ]Emrakul, the Aeons Torn[ /card]

...would display the following:

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

Using the boards

At the moment, we are allowing folks to register and begin posting right away, in order to build up membership and get things rolling. This will change as we need to deal with spambots, etc.

  • Multiple registrations are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.
  • Keep personal images (in signatures, etc.) to a reasonable size. Overly large or offensive images will be removed.
  • Be respectful to other members and the moderators.
  • Don't flame. Don't troll. If a post bothers or angers you, calm down a bit before responding. It's just the internet, after all.
  • These boards are intended to help the ATX Magic community grow and improve. Help us stick to the goal as you use these boards.
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